Who are we ?

VeganForever is a brand of   clothes and   vegan accessories . The VeganForever project launches in May 2020 with a first collection of a few limited items which quickly ends up out of stock after only a few days.
Today, more than 1600 people follow us on the networks. From a simple collection of 7 pieces at the start, our   vegan shop   now has over 100 items of clothing   and   accessories .
In   VeganForever   we do not   not   of   differences . All our cuts and all our products are   mixed . We make sure that the quality of our products is optimal! We ensure that our customers' data is always well protected using software and   professional partners .
Delivery is always guaranteed with our partner,   La Poste . We also work with transport companies worldwide to ensure free, guaranteed and secure delivery.
Our team takes care of after-sales service (   after sales service   ) to ensure optimal help and satisfaction in the event of questions or problems.
We are constantly releasing clothes to complete your look and develop your style!
Thank you all for making us   trust   and to help us grow the   Mark   exponentially.
Sincerely, the VeganForever® team .