Vegan Thoughts

Hell does not exist for animals, they are already there.

Victor Hugo

If you don't like seeing the animal abuse images that are posted, you should help stop the abuse, not the images.

Johnny Depp

You must declare war on suffering, and you speak a universal language when you cry out for mercy and justice for animals.

Emile Zola

The land provides abundant wealth and peaceful food. She offers us meals that are not stained with blood or murder.


Nothing can be more beneficial to human health or increase the chances of survival of life on Earth than an evolution towards a vegetarian diet.

Albert einstein

VeganForever a committed store !


All our clothes made of organic cotton certified GOTS.

Our visuals come to life with 100% eco-certified ECO PASSPORT water-based inks from OEKO-TEX®.

All our products are PETA certified!


VéganForever has chosen to put ecology at the heart of its activity.
This is why we strive to respect an ecological approach for each of the different stages of our work: organic cotton products certified GOTS, eco-certified inks, packaging without plastic


At VeganForever, our clothes are printed only when an order is placed . This is to avoid overproduction, indeed the textile giants burn and destroy more than 92 million tonnes of textiles each year!

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