Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase/ Order: How do I track my order?

Purchase/ Order: I made a mistake during my order, can I modify or cancel it?

Purchase/ Order: Are payments secure?

Purchase/ Order: What are the accepted methods of payment?

Delivery: What is the delivery time and how much are the shipping costs?

Delivery: I will not be at home at the time of delivery, how can I pick up my package?

Delivery: I have a problem with the delivery of my order. What to do?

Shipping: How do you pack my order without using plastic?

Our products/ Ecology: Are your clothes made of organic cotton?

Our products/ Ecology: Which ink do you use?

Our Products/ Ecology: What are the washing/ ironing instructions?

Our products/ Ecology: Where are your products printed?

Our products/ Ecology: Are your products made in France?

Our Products/ Ecology: Are your products Vegan?